2018 · Travel

All Things Christmas

Happy Friday, friends! What a FUN month it has been! I’m here today to share a whole lot of happies in one post because Christmas time is the biggest happy of them all šŸ™‚ Grab a cup of coffee and a cozy blanket and let’s jump right in! What could be happier than a girls… Continue reading All Things Christmas

2018 · Travel

New Year’s in New York

Happy happy Friday! Today I’m sharing a recap of our trip to New York for New Year’s because it had too many happies to count! Here we are in the airport waiting for our flight! Pssst: Find my jacketĀ hereĀ and Alexandria’sĀ hereĀ šŸ™‚ We arrived in New York, and it was COLD! We made it to our hotel,… Continue reading New Year’s in New York

2017 · Travel

The Pocono Mountains

Hey there, Tuesday! I was going to wait until Friday to post a Finding Five post, but I had so many pictures from our trip to the Pocono Mountains that I decided to make a whole post about it! Pennsylvania is a relatively frequent vacation spot for us because we have family that lives there,… Continue reading The Pocono Mountains